'A Smarter Way' is The Worlds Most Advanced Commercial Cleaning App.

Using 'A Smarter Way' Every Problem, Every Frustration You Have Ever Had With Cleaners is Gone... Forever!

'A Smarter Way' is the worlds best cleaning management system. Read below to understand how 'A Smarter Way' resolves all the common complaints customers make about cleaners, and to get an understanding of how comprehensive and revolutionary our new cleaning processes are. Then request a site inspection and quote and join our rapidly growing list of clients, who now enjoy the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the commercial cleaning industry.

'A Smarter Way' Resolves the Biggest Complaint With Cleaning Companies...
A Lack of Accountability!

In the literally thousands of consultations we have had with businesses that need commercial cleaners, the main reason people want to change cleaners is because of a lack of accountability. Here are the top 6 complaints we hear about cleaners:

  • We never know who is cleaning our site or who to contact about issues.
  • Agreed periodical work is never completed on time.
  • Cleaners are often late, or worse still, don't show up!
  • We have a communication book to highlight issues on site, but it's never read!
  • We were promised a weekly inspection when we signed up, but that stopped after a few months.
  • Maintenance issues are constantly overlooked and not reported.

Using our 'Smarter Way' App, we maintain accountability in our cleaning processes and ensure that all your former problems and frustrations with cleaners are managed and resolved. 'A Smarter Way' is the worlds first cleaning management system to ensure every item on your cleaning schedule gets done, on time, every time. Request a site inspection and quote.


As our client you get online access to an administrative portal that enables you to verify every aspect of your sites cleaning, in real time.

For the first time ever you have a fool proof transparent system in place that ensures every detail in your agreed cleaning schedule gets done! Your account manager and our site cleaners record the completion of critical tasks via the app, in the field, as they do them.

This ground breaking technology is exclusive to Smart Cleaning Solutions and delivers the worlds best and most reliable cleaning management system.  Features of the system include:


  • Cleaners check in to the app via their mobile upon arrival on site.
  • Proof of identity of the cleaner is validated upon login.
  • All data entry recording the completion of tasks is GEO fenced and GPS validated. That means if a cleaner is not on site data cannot be updated!
  • All photos and data entered into the app are time and date stamped, using mobile tower credentials. This makes fraud impossible! If the cleaner is not on site the app cannot be updated.
  • A four stage non arrival alarm notifies the Site Supervisor, your Account Manager, our Operations Manager and finally our General Manager, if a cleaner fails to arrive and rectification has not occurred. No shows are detected and immediate action is taken to manage the breakdown!
  • Proof of service zones are set into the app and validated as cleaned via on site scans and photos. You now know the cleaning was done because you can cite the proof in your portal.
  • Compliance issues are manged via check logs and must be completed as scheduled.
  • All statutory documentation like WSE, MDS, GHS & OHS is viewable from within the app or via your Client Portal.
  • Need to report an issue? Client raised issues (tickets) are seen in real time. Gone are the days of not knowing who to contact, how to reach someone if you need support or your feedback being ignored. Your cleaner and account manager will be notified and action must be taken or the issue will be logged as incomplete and the system will notify their supervisor.
  • Response to client tickets is guaranteed within two hours.


  • The full scope of works outlined in your agreement is available online at any time, and is broken up into actionable tasks that must be completed by our cleaners and account managers.
  • All interactions & requests are logged and view-able in the apps database. You see what we see!
  • Photographic evidence of tasks completed and geo-fenced GPS updates means revolutionary efficiency, fraud proof security (data inputs cannot be faked), plus industry leading accountability & reliability.
  • Maintenance reporting is done in real time, with the date, time and person reporting completion of a task recorded in a log.
  • Push button ordering of supplies like soap, toilet paper etc. means you'll never run short of essential toiletries and supplies.

Request a site inspection and quote.