Labour Hire Licencing Law Compliant Commercial Cleaners

"New labour hire regulations are about to change the cleaning industry in Australia forever, and during the industry shake-up that follows, many reputable businesses will find themselves with cleaning agreements that are non-compliant under the new laws, and risk embarrassing prosecutions and significant fines, because they are completely unaware of […] Read more »

Smart Clean Website Makes Best Cleaners List

Smart  Cleaning Solutions is please to be listed among the best options for office cleaning in Melbourne, as listed on Cleaning Services Reviewed is a global website that reviews and features the top office cleaning options in  major cities of the world, and we are pleased to have been selected […] Read more »

The Relationship between Cleanliness & Customer Satisfaction

Understanding customer satisfaction is something critical for any business, because a customer’s sense of satisfaction is a significant predictor of behavioural intentions, in other words, what they are most likely to do when they buy. Today I am taking my efforts to write a truly useful commercial cleaning blog to […] Read more »

Link Between Dust and Fat Proven

Research Shows a Link Between Dust & Increased Production of Fat Cells I’ll bet you didn’t know that dust commonly found in indoor environments could be making you gain weight? Neither did I until I heard about this study done at Duke University. The study shows that common compounds found in […] Read more »

The Ugly Truth about Sanitation in Gyms

The amount of pathogens that end up on common items in the gym is a shock to most people, and recently researchers were astonished to discover that free weights used in a gym can contain over 360 times more pathogens and bacteria than the seat on a public toilet, treadmills can contain […] Read more »